Hercesa CZ Ltd. is preparing a design of an apartment building with approximately 200 residential units, 1+kk (1 room and kitchenette) to 4+kk (4 rooms and kitchenette) in Prague-Libu¨ district. The design made by the experienced team of architects led by Jan Kasl and Jan Čejka complies with the urban character of the surrounding area and brings a new architectural quality into the neighborhood.
Hercesa CZ Ltd. is currently preparing a development project for an apartment building in the Prague-Libuš district. Our intention is to build a new building with about 200 apartments mostly of size 2+kk and 3+kk, in this attractive part of Prague, near the future Libuš metro station of the D-line. The design made by the experienced team of architects led by Jan Kasl and Jan Čejka complies with the urban character of the large multi-story apartment buildings, introduced into the original countryside area in the 80’s and 90’s, completes their spatial structure and brings in a new architectural quality. Presented Architectural/Volumentric Study is worked out up to the phase of Enviromental Impact Assesment - "EIA" in accordance with Act no.100/2001 Coll.

The layouts of the apartments are designed in a range from several studios, over the majority of 2+kk and 3+kk apartments to several large apartments 4+kk. Each apartment will have its own loggia, balcony or, in the case of the top floors, a terrace. Further stages of project documentation will include apartment standardization and facility and equipment particularities. Two levels of the underground garage will accommodate enough parking spaces for every new owner of the flat. There will be also possibility to buy individual parking space for applicants from the neighborhood. Also some new parking spaces are being prepared on the ground.

Part of the suggested modifications of the transport infrastructure is the citizens’ request to build a roundabout at the crossing of Zbudovská St. and Novodvorská St. and traffic adjustment of Mirotická St. in the section from Libušská St. so that it could not be used as a shortcut from Libušská St. The entrance to the garage of the proposed building is oriented to Zbudovská Street in the closest vicinity of the newly suggested roundabout. Traffic to and from the building will therefore not add the intensity to the traffic inside the existing residential blocks area.

The project is also meant to improve the planting of trees and greenery in general. The existing linden alley alongside the building will be enlarged and green spaces will be arranged on the southern and northern side of the underground garage. The research showed that by intensive use of garden areas we can compensate today's deplorable situation in the region and get a better living environment.

The ground-floor of the new building will house “shop on the corner” type commercial areas (e.g. tobacco, vegetables, hairdresser’s, pastry shop, dry cleaning, etc.), which the vicinity of the site currently lacks. There are also two to three areas which can be used for a small gym or other fitness activities, as well as for a maternal center, a children's clubhouse or a curatorial company’s office.

Together with our team of architects, we believe that the new solution will help to improve the living conditions of nearest neighbors and other residents of Libuš district.

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